You found Stephen Wood's little home page.

I'm a backend engineer currently living in San Jose. My language du jour is
python, though I have found a growing fascination with Google's Go language.

I also greatly enjoy linux automation and making micro services that run inside
linux containers, such as docker. This little website itself is a container that
is deployed via Elastic Beanstalk. Here's the code :)

I don't believe Docker is a silver bullet, but lxc (linux containers) have proven
themselves to be extremely valuable and worth using. Docker as a service makes
using lxc a breeze.

Most of the interesting things I produce can be found on my blog or Github page.

Find me on the web:

- Stephen Wood's twitter
- Stephen Wood's github page
- Stephen Wood's blog

There's enough there to get a good stalking profile going.

If you want to class up your cat you should check out my wife's cat bowtie selection.

I can be contacted on gmail at smwood4.